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Dinah with her summer haircut.
Dinah 12/19/2000 - 9/29/2014
She was truly man's best friend.
This  is Dinah taken 04/08/2008 with her summer haircut.

Dinah is a red merl Australian Shepherd born December 19, 2000.
This picture was taken 11/17/02.
  The top
photo is the most recent and they get progressively
older as you go down the page.

Picture of Dinah and Mike 07/03/31
Here is Dinah with the old man.

Picture of Dinah 05/16/01
Dinah at 5 months old relaxing in the back yard.

Click here to see Dixie and Lizie, Dinah's new next door neighbors.

Picture of Dinah 04/28/01
Dinah is growing very fast and you will be able to
see the difference in the pictures.

Picture of Dinah 03/18/01
Oh boy!  This is more fun than snow!

Photo of Dinah with my niece, Catie
This is Dinah and my niece Catie.

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