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I was born Michael Elliott Stephenson in Memphis, Tennessee on February 15, 1942, and attended the public schools in Memphis graduating from Treadwell High School in 1960. Remaining in Memphis I graduated from Memphis State University (University of Memphis now) with a Bachelor of Science in mathematics with a minor in physics.

In 1966 I joined the Boeing Company in Huntsville, Alabama working as a computer programmer on the Apollo program.

In 1969 I moved to St. Louis to join McDonnell Douglas working as a systems programmer on large IBM mainframe computers. My specialty was JES3. Later, I transferred to the communications group to work with the IBM SNA network and with VTAM, NCP, etc.

In 1985 I joined IBM to work as a Systems Engineer supporting the sale of IBM's large systems and in particular the communications products.

I have now come full circle and am back with the Boeing Company in St. Louis working as a systems programmer with SNA and TCP/IP communications.

I never married so my favorite girls are my mom, my niece, and my dog.

My hobbies are photography, ham radio (WA4RQD), and, of course, computers.

For more information see my resume.

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